Our Foundation is a private grant-making foundation. It will donate funds to various entities in order to support education and innovation in sustainable causes. Foundation grants will include, but will not be limited to, funding the following:

  • Education of children in the scientific principles of sustainability

  • Using social media to educate people and especially children

  • University research for clean technology solutions that address the world’s most serious problems in energy, water, food scarcity, and human and animal health

  • Fellowships, professorships, and graduate scholarships for people devoted to cleantech research

  • Supporting incubation, acceleration and knowledge of new technology companies

The SAIL Sustainable Foundation was conceived and founded by a cleantech venture capital and private equity firm, SAIL Capital Partners. This origin gives us the domain expertise to choose education and research projects that can potentially lead to marketable and large-impact technologies versus other technologies that are interesting but will not be successful in the market. However, the Foundation will not invest in any SAIL Capital Partners portfolio companies in order to avoid any possible conflict of interest.